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Family Wellness at Walton Family Chiropractic of Florence, SC

If you have no injuries or major issues, then you are wondering what Chiropractic can do for you. This is the type of care that is called "Wellness" or maintenance care. At Walton Family Chiropractic, we help provide every age group from newborns to adults with Chiropractic care and most have no major issues and are on a Wellness care plan. Wellness Chiropractic care is preventative care that helps prevent acute spinal problems in becoming chronic major problems; i.e. if your sink faucet has a small leak and you never get it fixed, eventually it turns into a big leak and you may need to replace the whole kitchen as a result. In that example if one could choose, I am sure we would all choose to replace thefaucetversus the whole kitchen. At Walton Family Chiropractic of Florence, we regularly adjust the spine to correct vertebral subluxations to help improve the nervous system and to help prevent wear and tear on your spinal column.

These vertebral subluxations are cause from the three major stressors of the spine: Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins. Thoughts can be the things that run through your mind after a hard day at work; Traumas can be a small injury such as tripping you're your feet walking out a door to a more severe injury such as a major car accident; Toxins can be from working late and not wanting to cook so it's easier to get fast-food all the way to breathing in air pollution. Chiropractic is a natural holistic approach to health and we want to build your health up from day one. Chiropractic is also an alternative to drugs and surgery, and there are many other great forms of Wellness health care professionals, i.e. Dentistry (teeth cleaning once every 6 months), massage therapists, physical therapists, etc.

At Walton Family Chiropractic, every patient is unique and every patient receives a unique, specific plan of Chiropractic care specifically tailored to their current health. Every patient also receives a specific spinal adjustment that is usually different each and every visit. Along with Chiropractic care, the doctors at Walton Family Chiropractic offer specific Physical Therapy exercises that can help strengthen the patient's spinal health.