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What if you had the Opportunity to give your Future Newborn the Best Start possible, Would you do it?

25 January 2017

Going from one to trillions of cells is the process that happens to every human being. This process is called growth which begins even before you were born. Not many people think of this process but everyone has a growing rate that depends on one thing…FUNCTION! Every function in one's body is controlled by the nervous system which is where Chiropractic plays a key part. Many adults come into Walton Family Chiropractic to get help with "back pain" or "headaches" where we can help with those symptoms but we also need to understand the bigger picture. But what if your headaches and back pain stemmed back… all the way back to before you were born??

I decided to get personal and share mine and my wife's (Dr. Samantha Walton) new journey together. That new journey being our FIRST CHILD!! I am sure every pregnancy has its ups and downs but everyone wants one thing which is a healthy newborn. As a Chiropractor at Walton Family Chiropractic, I view the future mother, my wife, as a vital part of her future child's health. All mothers need to have a solid balance of their mental, physical, and social well-being. Mothers should have strong support groups from friends and family for their social aspect of life. With their mental aspect of life, mothers should have a well-balanced lifestyle such as being in the right state of mind by having the proper amount of leisure time or relaxation time. Lastly and what I believe is the most important which is a mother's physically well-being, this is where Dr. Samantha Walton and I come in! In this case, I am able to check my wife's spine and provide the proper adjustments to keep her body functioning properly which allows our future baby's body to grow and function at his very best. My wife is 30 weeks today and I have provided her with Chiropractic care the whole pregnancy! This is my why… I have been wanting to write this blog to show the benefits of Chiropractic care during pregnancy and what better way than with pictures! I can go on and on about how she has benefited with Chiropractic care during pregnancy subjectively but I want to objectively show the results. So over the last 4 weeks, I have taken before and after Chiropractic adjustment. In these pictures below, you can see better head posture, shoulders more relaxed, increased lumbar (lower back) curve, and increased "belly roundness" & baby is now sitting lower in the pelvic girdle due to all the muscles and ligaments relaxing giving the baby more room.

Pictures are worth a 1000 words!! As you can see from above, mothers benefit from Chiropractic care just imagine the great benefits their future child is getting! Chiropractic plays a huge part in everyone’s health: especially pregnant mothers-to-be and their future baby and you can see the results from the pictures above.  I know I will be making sure my newborn is functioning at their best with Chiropractic care.  Newborns grow fast so make sure they are growing optimally so come see Drs. Samantha and Nathan Walton at Walton Family Chiropractic of Florence, South Carolina or call us at (843)508-8181.

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